As a partner in Banking Capital Markets in Stuttgart I am focused on supporting banking clients to enhance profitability by improving their product portfolio, optimizing their Bank Steering IT-Architecture and operating models to achieve sustainable cost efficiency.

​My main focus topics currently are:​

  • ​Implementation of NEW Banking
  • Efficiency in the CFO Department
  • Business Impact of New Technologies​
  • Designing and Implementation of fit for purpose Bank Steering IT Architecture
  • Integration of new technologies in bank steering

As an author of various studies and articles, I currently focus benchmarking of the European banking market regarding efficiency improvements and regulatory compliance.

Through experience in auditing, as a director in a German bank and experience in consulting, I cover all essential perspectives to successfully advise clients.

​What I like about consulting is the critical thinking and the open exchange of ideas between people with different points of view.

I expect that banking will change in many points due to new technologies and related innovations and this will be the key for new banking.

Key questions for me are:​

  • ​What will profitable banks look like in the future?
  • Is sustainability the new profitable?
  • How is the IT landscape in bank management changing as a result of new technologies?
  • Is structured and efficient data integration inevitable?
  • How will the European Banking Union affect the efficiency of banks?

However, it is my passion to play tennis and I am involved in foundations with a focus on children's education.

My expertise

  • Partner, BearingPoint

    2013 – Present
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • Senior Manager, BearingPoint

    2010 – 2013
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • Director, LBBW

    2007 – 2010
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • General Manager, FAS AG

    2003 – 2007
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • Consultant, PwC Consulting

    2001 – 2003
    Munich, Germany

We encourage fresh thinking and ideas, taking the initiative for our clients, working quickly and smartly, applying our adaptive intelligence to take informed risks and break new ground.

Frank Hofele

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