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  • 19.10.2010

Increasing awareness of ecology and environmental activity make the stronger integration of environmentally friendly events in Supply Chain Management necessary. The environment, which was not a major priority until recently, is gaining a new relevance in strategic focus and planning and will revolutionise logistic and production networks. 

The majority of companies know about its meaning and did not stop their green activities even in times of economic difficulty, which led us to update and expand the 2008 survey about Green SCM. 

The results are clear: green logistics reached the executive suites. The gain in meaning of green SCM for investors and capital market is particularly noteworthy. Financiers want to make sure that issues such as climate change will not become a risk for their investments – a challenging development. 
These and many more relevant results will be presented to you, discussed and answered at the BearingPoint Roundtable ‘Green Logistics’. Get to know how you can use Green Logistics for your company! 

We are looking forward to see you!