At the end of 2019, we were looking at a world where artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the corporate world were booming. They were generating enthusiasm through new ways to achieve growth and operational excellence, but were held back by a lack of relevant use cases.

Consumers have also had to adapt to a difficult environment. Their social or spending habits have been deeply changed. While successive lock-down periods have led to the temporary closure of a large number of stores, online shopping has seen an increase in popularity. Customer expectations with these channels have changed, prompting companies to adapt their practices.

In light of new trends that have emerged in the wake of the health crisis, BearingPoint has chosen to examine the success of artificial intelligence in providing customers with new consumer experiences. Our field experts share their knowledge on trends and best practices as well as their point of view on the challenges and difficulties facing companies.

This report will underline the main lessons learned, structured around five areas:

  • Customer expectations for the post-pandemic world experience
  • The ability of artificial intelligence to meet all or part of these expectations
  • New techniques in artificial intelligence
  • Innovations in artificial intelligence risk management
  • Main scenarios identified  
  • Frédéric  Gigant

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  • Frédéric  Gigant
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