Telecommunication networks are the backbone of digital transformations. Together with the team, I aspire to help our customers boost network expansion – especially fiber and 5G – optimize network performance and help them develop into a data and connectivity-centric organization.

I draw my energy by seeing ideas and innovation unfolding in everyday behavior and the activities of our clients or within our project teams. I aspire to bring together personal skills, technological capabilities and digital mindsets to jointly develop the future.


  • Partner, Bearing Point GmbH

    2022 – Present
    Frankfurt, Germany
  • Consultant, BearingPoint GmbH

    2011 – 2022
    Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Prior positions at Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurter Neue Presse and RadAgentour

    2009 – 2011
    Frankfurt, Germany

Communication networks are shaping the way we live and work and the way we communicate and collaborate. Therefore we need – as a society - strong communication networks. Together with our clients, we make this happen.

Julius Hafer