Step by step process

Impactful transformation

With a collaborative step-by-step process, we help you move quickly and confidently towards a new AI-based reality, creating true value for your business, faster. Enabling you to avoid many of the barriers to progress – such as ethical and security concerns, and ‘Proof of concept syndrome’ (endless experimentation without delivery) – we focus on accelerating you towards measurable outcomes and competitive advantage.

  • Acculturate and envision

    Acculturate and envision

    • Introduce generative AI concepts
    • Experience solutions
    • Understand limitations
    • Envision the potential
  • Set the ambition and prioritize

    Set the ambition and prioritize

    • Evaluate generative AI impact on business models, processes & jobs
    • Prioritize investment areas
    • Assign transformation target
  • Identify business use cases

    Identify business use cases

    • Re-evaluate business processes on prioritized areas based on Generative AI capabilities
    • Identify sourcing-related opportunities
    • Identify most impacting use case
    • Define roadmap
  • Build up Gen AI foundations

    Build up Gen AI foundations

    • Ramp-up Gen AI capabilities (skills, technology, framework)
    • Create architecture framework
    • Identify data management gaps
    • Update workforce planning and prepare upskilling / reskilling
  • Transform


    • Implement and integrate Gen-AI based products
    • Deploy new data governance practices
    • Transform business processes
    • Review impacted services contract
    • Deploy re-skilling programs
    • Measure impact & ROI and continuously re-prioritize
Generative AI solutions

AI: Happening here

Explore our portfolio of software solutions and use cases harnessing the power of AI to transform your approach to specific business challenges. Combining expert consultancy with data science, technology, and AI capability, we ensure that implementation is always fully aligned with your strategic goals.

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