Region Skåne


The project was to address:

  • Lack of control and quality in IT operations and the service delivery to business units (such as hospitals)
  • High operational costs due to lack of consolidation and standardisation of infrastructure, applications, contracts, and outputs (copy/print) management
  • Challenges to retain key skills within the IT operations
  • Unclear boundaries between medical technology and IT leading to internal conflicts of interest
  • Lack of IT and sourcing strategy in the past leading to fragmented outsourcing to different vendors
  • Need for a centralised delivery of copy/print and multimedia services


  • Undertook initial analysis to establish the financial baseline and transformation opportunities and the sourcing objectives defined based on IT sourcing strategy
  • Managed a ”sourcing assessment” for each sourcing target, to ensure the goals defined in the IT sourcing strategy can be achieved with outsourcing
  • Supported the work to define the retained (strategic buying) IT organisation, roles and responsibilities
  • Established Service Level Agreements (SLA) and requirements for each the IT services to be outsourced
  • Managed the end-to-end RFP and vendor selection process
  • Supporting the transition and transformation phase, and handover to the selected outsourcing partners for each IT service


  • Anticipated cost savings of between 10-25%
  • Improved quality and availability of IT services through well-defined and measureable SLA’s
  • Clear ownership of services and interfaces between business, IT and outsourcing partners
  • IT governance model supporting the multi-sourced IT service delivery

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