We believe organisations needed to use their technology function to create a bridge with their business activities to ensure future survival and success: in short, to become resilient in the face of massive change.

BearingPoint’s research showed leading resilient organization technology units work across five dimensions to build a bridge to enable their business activities:

  • They anticipate future business needs via technology: by updating information technology (IT) strategy regularly to take account of new technology, respond to business opportunities and stay resilient
  • They rebalance their value chain: By working across the entire value chain, including strategy, digital and organization to defining and maintaining a business resilience framework
  • They develop core Enterprise Architecture competencies: By getting the right talent, tools and governance to define and oversee their business resilience framework
  • They invest in technology, people, and the digital workplace: And driving adaptability and agility throughout their organization
  • They collaborate fully with stakeholders: By identifying and responding to key business issues and innovate to address key pain points

To understand more about resilience within your organization, download the full report here. 

  • Andrew Montgomery

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  • Andrew Montgomery
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