Unlike Click & Collect, Click & Reserve (or Check & Reserve, Reserve & Collect) offers a crucial benefit to its users: Payment is only processed in-store, customers do not need to purchase online anymore. This distinguisher enables them to secure their purchase with flexibility. Click & Reserve plays a crucial role, especially when seeing, touching or trying on products prior to purchase is critical. It ensures availability and tailored advices, not mentioning additional impulsive in-store purchases!

Why is there such reluctance to this offer?

Recent Click & Reserve initiatives show that the organization to implement is complex and that the operational execution might encounter many pitfalls.

This is our approach in this letter. We consider that Click & Reserve lies on 3 key success factors:

  • Redefinition of an omnichannel customer pathway: How to identify and follow web-customers while they are in-store?
  • Ensure real-time and omnichannel information
  • Guarantee a flexible and efficient delivery service for customers: How to ensure the availability of a product which is not part of the store’s range?

Above all those aspects, web-to-store strategy should be clearly defined before setting up Click & Reserve.

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  • Bertrand Clémencin