The Sourcing Monitor was founded in 2004 to provide leadership viewpoints regarding the evolving Purchasing function on an annual basis.

This year survey was conducted among over 400 Purchasing directors coming from France, Benelux, UK & Ireland, GSA, the Nordics and Russia. An overview of Japan is also given in the study.

Some key facts:

  • Whereas 57% of companies evolve in a market driven by Innovation, only 37% of Purchasing directors see Innovation as a top priority;
  • There is a gap between the way Purchasing directors see Innovation – 88% of them declared to be active or proactive in perusing Innovation – and the place of Innovation in the function’s objectives;
  • For 48% of the Purchasing directors interviewed, Innovation equals to value creation, along with the quest of competitive advantage and the development of new markets.
  • Innovation, the new deal for Purchasing? 5.38 MB Download

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