To plan, monitor and track transport costs, to assess the profitability of your customers and to generate data on CO2 emissions, BearingPoint offers a single application: LogCOST.

LogCOST is not only a valuable tool to assign detailed transport costs to single items, shipments and transport lanes but also to compare planned costs with actual costs. Due to the advanced predictive analytics function, LogCOST delivers all data in real-time and therefore provides early warnings, if your actual costs are not in line with your planned costs. Furthermore drill downs allow root cause analysis to identify the reasons for deviations. This works on item or product level but also customer level in terms of a customer profitability management. In addition you will be able to provide detailed CO2 reports to your stakeholders or offer carbon-neutral services.

Watch our video to learn more about LogCOST´s unique functionalities:

  • BIG Data for Transport – Cost Planning and Accounting 418.92 KB Download

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