Conducted by BearingPoint, “The effectiveness & ROI of TV adverts” study analyses the impact of media levers on the sales and ROI of campaigns and presents advertisers with effectiveness indicators that are common to all media.

This study is based on the econometric expertise of these agencies: CSA Data Consulting, Dentsu Aegis Network, GroupM, Omnicom Media Group et Publicis Media, with MMZ.

The study was conducted in the following context:

The question of "How do you compare the effectiveness of advertising between several media companies?" is crucial for advertisers in a context of rationalization of media investments. This fundamental subject is particularly complex. It is critically important to give each media company that they are getting their due. Econometric can help answer these complex questions.

Five major representative sectors for television were studied: Automotive, Food, Hygiene/Beauty, Banking & Insurance, Pure-Players.

Three years of in-depth data was used to take account of the phenomena of seasonal variations and benefit from a variety of media combinations.

Fifteen econometric models from 85 campaigns analyse the factors contributing to sales and to brand equity. What are synergies between media companies? These are questions to the study “The effectiveness & ROI of TV adverts” answers.

TV distinguishes itself by combining:

  • The largest contribution to sales: about 2/3 (65%) of the effects of media on sales are attributable to television;
  • It is affected very little by a saturation effect, it is not affected by the law of diminishing returns despite a high investment threshold;
  • With a very high level of ROI: 4.9 for €1 invested;
  • Effective in the short-term, television doubles its effectiveness in the long-term: its long-term effectiveness index compared to the short-term effectiveness index is 210, significantly higher than all other media;
  • The carryover effect of a TV campaign, namely its effectiveness on sales after the end of the communication, is 26 days compared to 14 days for social media;
  • Television boosts the effectiveness of other media levers: on average, television increases the effectiveness of other media by 25%, which increases by as much its return on its initial investment which is already very high.

Effectiveness indicators for television, whether taken individually or together, show the unequalled effectiveness of television on sales.

You can download the results of the following study below.

  • The effectiveness & R.O.I. of TV advertising
    The effectiveness & R.O.I. of TV advertising 2.3 MB Download

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