More than 30 enterprises took part in the BearingPoint survey “Will the market for European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) ever become reality?” Participants came from players within the EETS market: toll operators, acceptance partners, toll service providers, fuel card issuers and original equipment manufacturers. Additionally, the roles of participants ranged from shareholders and product managers to business as well as technical consultants, making for a broad spectrum of expertise and views on EETS. The survey consisted of 30 questions around different EETS topics. The questions were divided into three main categories: Market Growth, Service Offerings and Technology Innovations.

This survey provides information on key market trends, the behavior of EETS-involved parties and the use of technologies in the context of EETS to outline future market developments. The aim is to identify industry trends, the maturity of offered toll services and the needs of customers. Apart from the current situation, this survey also focuses on opinions related to the market development up to 2030 and identifies five key success factors for the EETS market in 2030:

  1. Regional Acceptance Partner Networks
  2. Non-Fleet Card Provider Cooperation
  3. Customer-Specific Value-Added Services
  4. Standardized On-Board Unit Technology
  5. Availability of Customer-Specific Digital Channels

The complete survey results are available for download.

  • Will the market for European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) ever become reality? 776.12 KB Download

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