In episode 3 Eric Chevallet is joined by Christian Hutter to discuss the recent announcement made by Apple regarding the new Vision Pro device. Together, they share their insights on the implications of this new device for the industry, pricing of the device and its relevance to different user groups, such as educators and professionals like developers and content creators. 

The conversation explored the need for companies to determine the right device and ecosystem for their specific goals. They mentioned successful use cases in areas like product design, engineering, factory design, and business collaboration. Eric and Christian emphasized the importance of involving users early in the development process to test and gather feedback on the solutions being built.  

5 Minutes Ahead Is hosted by Eric Chevallet. 

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  • Eric Chevallet

    Eric Chevallet is an entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for technology. Eric is currently leading the immersive lab for BearingPoint, where he specialises in helping clients maximize the potential of augmented and virtual reality solutions.

  • Christian Hutter

    Christian Hutter is a Senior eXtended Realities (XR) Manager at BearingPoint and he is located in Zürich, Switzerland. Since 2018, he has been building a team of AR/VR experts that are passionate about creating immersive experiences that transform the way people interact with technology in a wide range of industries.

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